Leechburg Lights

Today is a very exciting day.  Our YouTube page has hit over 200,000 views!  I have also finally uploaded all the remaining 2015 sequences.  Video production has never been my favorite thing, but I was able to easily get 14 sequenced songs posted in a matter of 2 days (too cold to take the display down BURRRRR hahah).

I know the Leechburg Lights YouTube page is not the most popular page on the web.  Back in 2011, I was in the middle of my 4th year of animated Christmas lighting.  Someone suggested I begin a new page to upload only videos for the show.  I signed up for the Leechburg Lights gmail account and the new YouTube account began.  My first upload was Jan 9, 2012, exactly 4 years ago this past Saturday.

In August/September 2015, the views on the page had reached 100,000 total.  I had around 800 subscribers at this time.  And, I thought that was just amazing 🙂  Now 5 months later, the views have doubled, and the subscriptions have jumped to over 1,200!

I really enjoy this hobby and it is just so exciting to see people checking out all the great things we do here during the year.  It is a lot of fun to work with so many people and help them on their journey to learn about this new and unique style of holiday lighting.  Here’s to 2016 being a bright year, there are sooo many great things coming VERY SOON!

Screenshot 2016-01-11 23.46.07

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