2014 Light O Rama Pixel Sequences

2014 Light O Rama PIXEL Sequences:

These sequences were designed and sequenced using the Light o Rama Sequence Editor.  This is the native LOR sequence format, not using the LOR Pixel Editor

2014 Sequences are distributed as a Light O Rama .lms file.  You must have a recent copy of the LOR Showtime S3/S4 software in order to open and access the file.  All Light O Rama sequences are downloaded as a Windows “zip” file to maintain file integrity and minimize file size.

Every 2014 sequence includes the following show elements:
9 reindeer in a line
8 RGB Channel Train
6 RGB Channel Mega Arch
5 RGB Channel Snowman
3 RGB Channel Presents
5 RGB Channels for upstairs windows
2 RGB Channel peak star
27 RGB Channel Tree line (each tree has 3 RGB channels)
14 RGB Channel Icicle lights
8 RGB Channel Exploding Stars (4 whole stars)
20 Pixel Star Line
6 Arches with 108 non-RGB channels (these are single channel clear arches)
4 Firesticks with 108 non-RGB channels (these are single channel clear arches)
100 Pixel upper roof line
100 Pixel lower roof line
Two 40 Pixel spinners with 8 legs100 pixel ground lights (50 pixels on the left and 50 on the right of display)
90 pixel spiral tree
40 pixel radio sign boarder
1000 Pixel Mega tree 50 pixels tall (100 pixel strings folded 1 time)
65 Pixel mega tree star (3 layers; inner, middle, and outer)