2014 Wizards in Winter

This song is what truly got me started with animated Christmas lights. 7 years ago I saw the famous Carson Wilson Christmas light display and said, “I can do that too!”. This is the show favorite and uses most all the display elements.

  • Gene Berger

    Are the RGB Sequences made to work in xlights 4.0?

    • Clyde Lindsey

      Hi Gene, I do not have copies of any of these sequences in XLights. I used some effects from XLights 3.0 but never completed the whole song. However, you can still adapt this sequence into an existing LOR sequence. Then, you can import your new LOR sequence into XLights 4. You can use the data layer or channel mapping methods. As long as your setups are similar in each sequencer you should be able to do this without a problem.

    • wdomiano

      2015 sequences are the only XLights based sequence. 2014 and older are all based in LOR.