Leechburg Lights

Back in January of this year (2017) my main desktop computer hard drive crashed.  Windows 10 was not recoverable,  but I was able to salvage the drive.  I used a new Solid State Drive (very budget since I was very broke during the winter) and installed Windows 8, and the computer came back to life.  Then I used the original hard drive as a storage drive.  Once installed I learned that much of the data was still intact, though some data was corrupted.  I couldn’t find the videos I had shot of the 2016 Light Display, until today.  Tucked away in a previously unused folder in my DrobBox (cloud storage) was a magnificent find.  Most of the 2017 raw video footage had been auto-saved, not accessed since the initial upload.

Today I spent well over 4 hours at the new Ryzen 1600 computer (built this past summer after saving every penny for months) editing and uploading these 10 videos!  I’m really excited to share them with you all.  Remember to like the videos (if you do that is 🙂 ) and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel.  There is always something new coming soon.


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