Leechburg Lights

On Christmas Eve, at 3am (God bless my neighbors) I recorded this song as a gift for a dear friend.  On December 19 I was asked to do a gender reveal for Nicola Westley, daughter of Keith Westley, whom reside in Australia.  I was going to program the light using Keith’s home display, however, his show began having some issues.  I programmed this song from 12pm till 2am on December 23.  I then played it on my home and recorded the video.  The very least I could do was send him this video so he could learn that he would become a grandpa to the new addition.  I sent off the video to Nicola under the condition I got to see his reaction to the video.  She was so wonderful to video the entire viewing 🙂  Baby Ashton has now arrived and the jig is up.  So, I’m finally opening up the video for all to see.

There is not greater feeling in the world than making a difference for other people.  Hope you all enjoy.



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