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Today is much the same as it was the past few months; I spent my day off working on remodeling the kitchen in Bill and Kelly’s apartment.  It was today, 4 months ago, a floating neutral electrical line caused a wicked fire.  We are all safe!  We have a roof over our heads, cloths on our backs, and food in the refrigerator.  Most importantly, my tenants and their 3 children are back home!

I’m proud to say we are on final lap.  I’ve decided to take the money I saved to do my kitchen, and put it towards major updates and a mini-remodel into Bill and Kelly’s kitchen.  I don’t have money for a bunch of new cabinets, or fixtures.  In fact, I took down a cabinet from my workshop and received 2 new cabinets as a donation from the contractor.  This will help make the kitchen more functional and walls look better.  The flooring in the kitchen was donated by my company, specifically my District Manager.  It is a top-of-the-line vinyl laminate wood-style flooring with a residential lifetime guarantee.  I could never have afforded this on my own, and one of the main reasons to complete the work in their kitchen.

We gutted 2 walls out, added insulation, plumed the walls, and installed new drywall.  I added 3 new electrical lines to insure we never have another tripped breaker again.  Soon we should be into scrubbing all the walls, priming, and then painting it all from top to bottom.  Base cabinets will be installed soon.  Then we’ll be leveling out the uneven floor.  I’m hoping it will be completed in the next week or 2.  There is just no telling how long it will take. Seems I’m not able to add pics to my post.

Since I’m officially broke, I’ll be completing only modest repairs in my kitchen.   This includes 2 sheets of drywall, painting, and installing the sink on the opposite side of the room.  It won’t be perfect, but will work until I can save some money to begin renovations in my half of the house.  I have major work to complete in my bathroom and hallway as well.

The disaster has now turned into an oversized project.  It will take a significant amount of time to financially recover from all the work that has to be done.   I’d love to say EVERYTHING will be done by July 7th, but I’m keeping my mouth shut.  Seems I keep finding more things that need done…  One thing I can’t forget is the amount of help, support, compassion, and generosity we have received since this all began 4 months ago.  Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers.



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