aboutWelcome to the 2018 Leechburg Lights display! Located in the thriving Metropolis of Leechburg Pennsylvania on Main St., this 8th annual computer animated light display will return for another amazing season. After fully converting to RGB and professional DMX  technology, we have added a digital dimension to this small town display.

I have been lighting up my house since moving in town in 2004 (originally from Vandergrift).  I decided to hang just a few strings of lights back then, and well, it’s gotten a little out of hand. I was happy with the look, so I kept searching for more things to add.

In 2007 I saw a YouTube video that showed how “light enthusiasts” (that’s me) add music and synchronize their Christmas lights to their favorite songs. After many repairs and electrical upgrades to the house, months of online research, and countless hours of building new display element; the 2008 display opened 3 weeks before Christmas.  It was rough since I was building things as I went.  In 2009 and 2010, I added a lot more to the display and haven’t quit.

Today, the display has grown into it’s own entity.  I enjoy every minute of building, assembling, and configuring.  I can be found outside of the house almost every night, staring at the display.  Thank you all for watching and hope to see you soon!

Leechburg Lights