Welcome to the 2019 Leechburg Lights display! Located in Leechburg Pennsylvania on Main St., this 12th annual computer animated light display will return for another amazing season. This is our 6th season using RGB and DMX  technology.

2019 has been a very busy year.  While we lost our mega tree pole in at the end of the 2018 season, we did add a new LED animation panel.  A huge thanks to Boscoyo Studios for sending these  matrix mesh panels at the last minute.  There are 16 new mini trees that are 1 1/2 feet tall.  Each tree has 90 lights with a star.  The new RGB pixels arches glow like light sabers.  On the front door we have added pixel matrix columns  350 bulbs each.  We have also added digital tune-to Radio Station signs.  Then can be found at the center part of the roof, on the front porch, and on the stocking that flank the left and right side of the display.  The stockings also sing along with some of the songs.

Probably the biggest makeover for the season are the 8 brand new reindeer, sent to us by Wizard of Wire.  This was the most significant upgrade on the house, almost completely converting the last props over to pixel lighting (Rudolph is still an incandescent 3D wire frame figure).  The two pixel snowflakes, donated by Walworth County Lights (thank you!), now take their rightful premier spots on the top left and right of the house.

12 years has gone by pretty quickly.  Holiday lighting has always been a great hobby.  After a number of electrical upgrades to the house, months of online research, and countless hours of building new display element; we debuted our first animated light display in 2008.  It opened only 3 weeks before Christmas, and well before the popularity of FaceBook.

Today, the display has grown into it’s own entity.  We have created a website dedicated to helping people learn about the hobby, as well as how you can create your own amazing light display.  You can visit our professional page at pixelprodisplays.com

Thank you for visiting, and may your holidays be bright!

Leechburg Lights