Leechburg Lights


Welcome to the 2022 Leechburg Lights display! Located in Leechburg Pennsylvania on Main St.  It is our 15th and final season decorating our home with an animated musical light show. We began using this RGB and DMX  technology 10 years ago.  I began recording videos on my Leechburg Lights YouTube in 2013.  Since then, these tutorials have been viewed over 1 Million times!  Wow!

2022 is our final season because I have decided to move from the upstairs apartment into a new-to-me home.  I’ve had a desire for a larger piece of property to spread the display out onto, and to expand my hobbies to include owning a Ford Model A.  While I’ve loved living in Leechburg for the past 18 years, I’ve decided it’s time to move out of my small apartment and into my own home.


You may not see much “new” stuff this season. though I had hoped to revitalize the show with some older props.  It seems that the icy weather has not helped my efforts, and a number of props didn’t make it out.  However, we have well over One Hour of music including classic like Frosty, Rudolph, Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree, Little St. Nick, and more.  There are also around 12 newly programed songs as well as some of our long-time favorites. 

I can hardly believe we started learning about animated holiday lights in 2007, that was so long ago!  I’ve always been proud of the work we have done here at Leechburg Lights.  Knowing this is the final season does weigh heavy on my heart.  However, next year will come, and I’m inviting you all now to see the new home in Connellsville PA.  The property is on 0.4 acres and has viewing from both front and back.  I can’t wait to build and share this new dream of mine with everyone.  Thank you Leechburg for 15 amazing years, and may your holiday be merry and bright!

Leechburg Lights

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