Leechburg Lights

Welcome to the 2020 Leechburg Lights display! Located in Leechburg Pennsylvania on Main St.  It is our 13th year decorating our home with an over-the-top holiday light display.  We began using this RGB and DMX  technology over 8 years ago.  Today Leechburg Lights YouTube tutorials have been viewed over 1 Million times!  Wow!

2020 has hit all of us pretty hard due to the Corona Virus.  Our hope is we have an amazing and revamped display for the AK Valley to enjoy for the 2020 holiday season.  Speaking of “revamped”, we have spent a whole lot of time preparing a huge list of additions to the show.  We plan to add around 45,000 lights for the season, yep 45,000, including a brand new mega tree and some huge new props.  There will be a giant spinner matrix added with just over 3200 lights all for itself, taking the place of our center wreath.  Speaking of wreaths, we have crafted a brand new “wreath” we call the PPD Wreath.  PPD (Pixel Pro Displays) is  the lighting company that Robert, my business partner, and I  started in 2017.  It is exactly 1800 lights

Boscoyo Studios has done it again!  90% of our new display props this season were ordered from their manufacturing facility.  I have another specially designed and crafted wireframe spinner prop that will replace our 12 year old spinners.  I’m sorry to say that last season, Rudolph did not make it through and I don’t think we’ll be able to repair him 🙁 However, there are a number of props I’m working on to have ready for the  season.  One of which, the 10,300 light wall matrix, is the biggest project yet.  There is still more to do with getting it together and safely mounted, but it will be an amazing addition.  Another prop that is on the way is a giant 8 foot snowflake!  This will have close to 2,000 lights on it and be located on the right side of the house.  If that isn’t enough, my neighbor Dennis Miller may let me put some of our props in his yard.

I can hardly believe we started learning about animated holiday lights over 13 years ago.  This year should  prove to be our brightest yet.  I’m proud of the work we do here at Leechburg Lights.  We even started a company that does professional lighting from coast-to-coast across the United States.  We have created a website dedicated to helping people learn about the hobby, as well as how you can create your own amazing light display.  You can visit our professional page at pixelprodisplays.com

Thank you for visiting, and may your holidays be bright!

Leechburg Lights