Halloween is Done, Time to setup for Christmas!

Halloween is over and the decorations are down!  We now face the major push into Thanksgiving.  The goal is to have the show up and running by the Leechburg Boro’s Holiday Light-up Night!  That is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I have already pulled the reindeer out and tested them.  I will be working to get […]

Sandstorm by Darude!!! Added for Tonight’s Show

Always a popular song with a catchy techno beat!  Sandstorm by Darude has not been played at the Leechburg Lights display since 2011.  Now, back after a 4 year break with an all new look.  Stop on out this weekend and enjoy the show!  

2015 Halloween Display is UP AND Running!

  The 2015 Leechburg Lights Halloween Display will run form October 23 through November 1 Hours: Friday and Saturday – 6:30pm  till 10:30pm Sunday through Thursday – 6:30pm till 9:30pm          

Convert a Light O Rama Sequence into XLights Step-by-Step

For 2015 I decided to switch to the newest and most powerful RGB pixel sequencer to date, Xlights V4.  For the past 2 years I’ve struggled to sequence my lights and music using the Light O Rama S3 software.  This spring, LOR upgraded it’s sequencer to S4 and included the new Pixel Editor.  I paid […]

Build the DMX to LOR cross over cable!

One of the goals I had for 2015 was to get my LOR controllers to run in DMX mode.  This would be helpful when I’m sequencing and using XLights/Nutcracker software.  Well, last night I cracked the code and successfully made a DMX to LOR cable that allows XLights to communicate with my LOR controllers.  This […]

First New Sequence of the Season Carol of the Bells by David Foster

A number of people have asked me to create custom sequences for their holiday light shows.  Today I have completed the first of hopefully many more to come.  This sequence has around 20 hours of time invested into it.  I could always spend more time to make it even better, but that is the perfectionist […]

36 Channel RGB DMX Controller for under $56

New 36 channel RGB DMX controller just arrived.  Here is the unboxing!  Truth is I only paid $50.  But, the company I ordered from discontinued the price and created a new page and raised the price to $65. This controller runs nice and has an awesome digital readout for the DMX channel.  No Dip Switching!!!!! […]

$12 RGB flood light Modd!

$12 RGB full color digital flood light arrived today 🙂 woo hoo!  Made a simple modification to show how to do it.  Very easy addition to the brighter and colorful 2015 Leechburg Lights display!

Setting up DMX dip switches for use in Light O Rama software

I had a great question this morning from Jonathan on how to setup the DMX dip switches for my dumb DMX RGB controllers.  I thought that since most everyone who is having an RGB display is in build and setup mode, this might be helpful for some of the newer folks.  

Newbie RGB Mistake #142 Wiring Correctly

During the summer of 2013, I purchased eight 15watt RGB DMX flood lights for $30 each.  I spent a whole week building custom wooden housings to protect them from rain and snow.  When setup time came, I had trouble getting the floods to work at all.  I put the project on hold for 2014.  When […]

Custom Candy Cane Arch Setup in Nutcracker V4

A question was asked in a FaceBook group of how to setup this candy cane arch.  Jo did not want the last 3 pixels of the cane showing when she rendered effects.  This video shows how you can re-create the same model in your own display. Also, this exact Excel file is available here for […]

Insert Photos for Model Templates in Nutcracker using Excel 2007

Found some great items at the 2015 Christmas Expo.  This video shows how to add a candy cane into the Nutcracker models.  It can also be used for creating models in the Light O Rama pixel editor.  For more information from James see the link below: http://boscoyostudio.com/products/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2

Setting up Dual Models in Nutcracker V4

This video shows how to use two separate models in Nutcracker  V4 to create different effects over the same channels.  I created dual models for my window frames, spinners, and wreath just to create some cool effects for my Independence Day display.    

Nutcracker V4 Setup and Add Effects to Dumb and Smart RGB Display Elements

This video shows how to setup an new nutcracker sequence from the beginning.  This was an email question I received from Philip.  He was having trouble rendering effects on his RGB modules.  This video goes through basic model (dumb and pixel) building in Nutcracker. You will learn how to set timing marks.  Also, you will […]

Building Custom Models in Nutcracker Using FREE Spread Sheets OR Excel

Here is a tutorial on how to create models in XLights Nutcracker.  I’m setting up my GECE RGB Pixel wreath using 63 pixels.  I also show how to use the spread sheet to copy and past pixel data into Nutcracker.  I show how I’ve built my custom model in Nutcracker and have a way to […]

New Falcon F16v2 Pixel controller works GREAT!

I have finished building and installing the new 64 universe Falcon F16v2 from Falcon Christmas.  This board is amazing, it can run over 10,000 pixels!    A special thank you to David Pitts for adding the protocol that runs my GECE pixels.  Very excited to use this for the 2015 display.  I’ll be putting it […]

Building the new AlphaPix4 Controller

As August draws near, I have to change the focus from building new display elements to building and assembling the new controllers that will run the new items.  I have 3 pixel controllers to build and install. Today I finished the AlphaPix4.  This pixel controller costs around $90 and can control a bunch of pixels.  […]

New 250 pixel STAR VIDEO!

Here is the latest project out of the Leechburg Lights workshop.  250 pixels (750 led lights) are aligned with the angles of the star and can create an endless possibly for musical sequencing.  Have a look at the video for a demo and stay tuned for the how-to build after the demo.

Happy Independence Day! New Song and Video released tonight!

I have added Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA to the show.  It turned out nice.  It took around 3 hours to make the simple sequence, but I could have spent another 10 hours making really cool.  All the best to you family on our nation’s birthday 🙂  The Show will run from 9pm till […]

Come see the lights for the 4th of July! Check out the video!

I have setup a small light show for the 4th of July.  It features 3 of the major props that I built this past spring, the GECE pixel mega wreath, GECE pixel window frames, and the pixel spinner.  Along with last years GECE pixel spinner, I’ve been able to successfully program and run one sequence.  […]

Sequencing Software used to make awesome effects!

I receive a number of emails each month and decided to create a video showing the answer to a question I received. Here is a video that some of you may find interesting when it comes to how we synchronize the lights to music. It is not very hard, but it is very time consuming.

GECE Pixel Window Frame Video

Lots of projects going on this week.  I have been building pixel extenders that will help run all the new GECE (GE Color Effects).  The extenders below can run up to 64 GECE pixels total.  These pixel extenders will run  the main windows on the house and the giant 52″ mega wreath.  Each one arrived […]

Pixel mega wreath video! Check it out!

Well, here is another project completed.  This has 63 pixels on the wreath and can do some really cool effects using the Nutcracker software.  Enjoy and share this video 🙂  

Hardware upgrade in progress.

Adding NEW pixels to the upgraded window frames this year has required me to update the firmware on some of the lighting hardware.  In order to “add” some cool new effects to the mega wreath and window frames, I had to change the hard-code programming with a new firmware version to allow for an expanded […]

New Pixel Spinner Completed!

Here is another video on how to build a pixel spinner.  If you have visited the display you’ll know that the spinners have been used for many years in the Leechburg Lights display.  There are 96 individually addressable pixel “bulbs” on the spinner.  The previous model had only 40.  This latest upgrade and should prove […]

Surprise New Addition for 2015!

It is amazing what you’ll find on Craig’s List these days, especially when the ad title reads, “ Christmas Snowman “.  It’s even more amazing when the owner is GIVING it away.  I just got home from the 45 minute drive to go and pickup this little guy.  He is in unbelievably good condition. He […]

Window frame upgrade in-progress!

Completed the upstairs window frame conversion.  I have removed all the RGB lights from the frames.  They were held on by zipties for 2 years.  In that time the ties became britle thanks to the sun and cold temps.  Used a drill press (borrowed from my sister), a drill press vice, 1/2 inch countersink drill […]

Fort Worth, Texas BABY!

Heading to Christmas Expo in Fort Worth, Texas.  This summer I’ll be taking a small vacation and getting my Christmas-on’ in July.  This is a huge convention for folks to go and learn and share their decorating talents and ideas.  Lots of classes to explain how things work.  I had a chance to visit the […]

Pixel Candy Canes :)

Came home after work around 10pm last night and went into the shop.  Lots of stuff to organize, the display is coming down now that it’s nice weather out.   Just organizing a bit then uncovered this storage box with some candy canes I purchased in 2013.  These were meant to be made for 2014 but […]