Leechburg Lights

One of the goals I had for 2015 was to get my LOR controllers to run in DMX mode.  This would be helpful when I’m sequencing and using XLights/Nutcracker software.  Well, last night I cracked the code and successfully made a DMX to LOR cable that allows XLights to communicate with my LOR controllers.  This video shows how to make them.


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  1. That is the most confusing video I have ever seen. Why not just show a cable diagram? You say blue on 4, then 5. Talk about moving blue then orange. The explanation can’t be followed by 99% of the public?

    1. I do show the diagram at the beginning and the end of the video. Pretty sure I cut away to it in the middle. I physically hold the 2 different arrangements so you can make your own cord. Without making a physical video of me putting the mail plug on each end, what else can I do?

      Blue and Blue stripe is where the data enter into the LOR controller. That is where the LOR expects to receive data. So you take the standard 568B wire order (as shown in the video) and connect it to DMX. you have to move the orange over to the blue locations… that makes the cables cross. Nothing actually goes to the blue … The orange carries all the info. That is why the other end of the cord has the orange in the middle, not on the left.

      If you need one of these made, I’ve been making and shipping them out. Even without a video, people are confused on how to make this. And, even fewer are willing to sit down and learn on their own the way I did. I depended on a document from LOR and a lot of research.

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