Leechburg Lights

2010 Miracle on 34th St.

A huge Thank-you goes out to Richard Holdman, the creator of this sequence. I loved adding it to my house. It was definitely a song that inspired me to go with the Red, Green, Clear light theme.  

2010 Music Box Dancer & Jingle Bells Techno

Music Box Dancer was synchronized by Richard Holdman and was one of the songs that really inspired me to create my own musical light show. Thanks to Richard, I’ve moved on and created my own arrangements.

2010 Christmas celebration

Found this song and thought it would be a great addition to the display for 2009. Never finished it in time so I completed it for 2010. One of my favorites

2010 Universal

Found a copy of the MP3 and though what the heck. I want to tweek this for 2011

2010 Winter Wonder Land

This song is a very up-beat version and I enjoyed creating it. I did have some help form a fellow decorator by the name or Richard Holdman. He actually created the sequence and shared it with hundreds of families.

2010 Jingle Belle Rock

A shared sequence… This still needed some work but most people don’t notice what actually needs fixed. Great song and for 2011 will be much better

2010 Last Christmas

Ashley Tisdale sang this for Disney and it was a 2008 original sequence. This is the song I learned how to use the software with, most likely over 100 hours of work on this song alone and has been in in the show every year. I may give it a masive overhaul for 2011

2010 One Silent Night & Amazing Grace Techno

Featuring a song sung by Jackie Vasquez, this is one of my favorite songs in the entire line-up of sequences. Following the edited song is Richard Holdman’s sequence of Amazing Grace which he shared with members of the Planet Christmas community. Continuation of the 2010 Light Display. Around 31,100 lights in the display.