Leechburg Lights

Carol of the Bells Video of the display

This is an all-new Leechburg Lights original.  I have completely created this sequence from the ground-up for the new 2015 display!  This sequence will be available for download in the Leechburg Lights Sequence Store. I have also officially added 16 songs to this year’s play list.  We are running the show every night from 5:30pm […]

First New Sequence for the 2015 season!

This is the Little Drummer Boy by White Heart.  I trimmed up the audio a bit so it did not drag out to the 4 minute length.  This sequence will be available for sale in the sequence download section of the website.

Join us for the Leechburg Light-Up Night

I have completed enough of the setup decided to do something special this season.  This year we will have our first ever LIGHT UP NIGHT!  On Saturday, November 28, 2015; Leechburg will hold it’s annual light up night.  I’ll be joining in the festivities and will turn the lights on at 6PM!  Hope you come […]

Sandstorm by Darude!!! Added for Tonight’s Show

Always a popular song with a catchy techno beat!  Sandstorm by Darude has not been played at the Leechburg Lights display since 2011.  Now, back after a 4 year break with an all new look.  Stop on out this weekend and enjoy the show!  

2015 Halloween Display is UP AND Running!

  The 2015 Leechburg Lights Halloween Display will run form October 23 through November 1 Hours: Friday and Saturday – 6:30pm  till 10:30pm Sunday through Thursday – 6:30pm till 9:30pm          

2015 4th of July Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

In preperation for the 2015 Christmas display, I began assembleing and testing new controller equipment. Here is a taste of what is to come for 2015’s Holiday display

2015 4th of July God Bless the USA

After preparing new props for the 2015 Christmas display, I setup a small show to test out the new hardware. Here is Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA. I’m using XLights Nutcracker 4.1 to control the show and render the effects.