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2018 Gender Reveal

On Christmas Eve, at 3am (God bless my neighbors) I recorded this song as a gift for a dear friend.  On December 19 I was asked to do a gender reveal for Nicola Westley, daughter of Keith Westley, whom reside in Australia.  I was going to program the light using Keith’s home display, however, his […]

Leechburg Lights sets up stage at Transworld’s Christmas Show

From March 19-25, I packed up and headed out to St. Louis, Missouri with my good friend Robert.  Together we set out to represent our company, Pixel Pro Displays.  For the past 2 years, Robert and I have spent a lot of time working with a number of commercial light displays.  Going to the annual […]

E1.31 DIY LED Express Bridge and Pixel Extenders

This video walks through the use of the DIY LED Express 6 universe bridge. I put this together some time ago and wanted to share the build and hopefully give a bit of education on it. The DIY Bridge connects to your computer via e1.31 and can output pixel data to 6 pixel extenders. It […]

New Hoodies!

Last Fall I ordered some Tee Shirts from Cool Tees.   Greg Becker took the time to design and create a custom image for my Leechburg Lights shirts.  I specifically wanted a hoodie to wear while I was outside chatting with people who stopped by to see the show.  Let me tell you how comfortable these […]

Makin’ the Big Time… Steelers Style!

The Leechburg Lights Steelers Edition was featured on WTAE 4 News last night.  While I was not home to do the interview, I was well represented by my neighbor Dennis Miller, and my friend (and tenant) Kelly Domiano.  We are all pretty excited to have the crew here to film the display.  It is the […]

Recovry from Disaster & Preparing for the Holiday

It has been just over 7 months since our home was damaged due to fire and sewer problems.  The recovery has been draining in more ways than one.  At the end of July we finally finished up the major kitchen renovation in the downstairs apartment.  I spent the entire month of August repairing my kitchen.  […]

Running Water in the Kitchen!

Hello folks, it’s been a long time since posting anything up to the site.  Today marks the most exciting day for me here.  As of today, I officially have water running and drainage in my kitchen for the first time.  It been over 6 months since the house was damaged by the fire and sewer.  […]

4 Months of Reconstruction and Remodeling

Today is much the same as it was the past few months; I spent my day off working on remodeling the kitchen in Bill and Kelly’s apartment.  It was today, 4 months ago, a floating neutral electrical line caused a wicked fire.  We are all safe!  We have a roof over our heads, cloths on […]

Fire and Sewer damage Leechburg Lights, tenant’s displaced

Below is the story of the tragedy here at Leechburg Lights.  Many people wanted to know what has happened.  To be honest, this is my life’s biggest trial.  It has been ugly since day-1.  It starts back on Super Bowl Sunday and goes down-hill from there.  If you care to read the detailed events of […]

200,000 Views on YouTube

Today is a very exciting day.  Our YouTube page has hit over 200,000 views!  I have also finally uploaded all the remaining 2015 sequences.  Video production has never been my favorite thing, but I was able to easily get 14 sequenced songs posted in a matter of 2 days (too cold to take the display […]

Little Saint Nick Video!

Been working night shifts all week.  Came home around 11pm last night and I turned on the display to catch this video.  This is one of the new songs added for 2015.  I absolutely love it!  This sequence will be available for purchase and use in your own display. If you’re interested in having your […]

Remembering Paris, Today’s Valley News Dispatch

I received a visit from Erica, a photographer from the Valley News Dispatch, on Wednesday night.  She snapped a good number of pictures of the display and myself.  Afterward, I offered her a viewing of one of the songs I play at Christmas.  Pretty sure she enjoyed the show, along with the other folks who […]

Halloween is Done, Time to setup for Christmas!

Halloween is over and the decorations are down!  We now face the major push into Thanksgiving.  The goal is to have the show up and running by the Leechburg Boro’s Holiday Light-up Night!  That is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I have already pulled the reindeer out and tested them.  I will be working to get […]

Sandstorm by Darude!!! Added for Tonight’s Show

Always a popular song with a catchy techno beat!  Sandstorm by Darude has not been played at the Leechburg Lights display since 2011.  Now, back after a 4 year break with an all new look.  Stop on out this weekend and enjoy the show!  

2015 Halloween Display is UP AND Running!

  The 2015 Leechburg Lights Halloween Display will run form October 23 through November 1 Hours: Friday and Saturday – 6:30pm  till 10:30pm Sunday through Thursday – 6:30pm till 9:30pm          

Convert a Light O Rama Sequence into XLights Step-by-Step

For 2015 I decided to switch to the newest and most powerful RGB pixel sequencer to date, Xlights V4.  For the past 2 years I’ve struggled to sequence my lights and music using the Light O Rama S3 software.  This spring, LOR upgraded it’s sequencer to S4 and included the new Pixel Editor.  I paid […]

Build the DMX to LOR cross over cable!

One of the goals I had for 2015 was to get my LOR controllers to run in DMX mode.  This would be helpful when I’m sequencing and using XLights/Nutcracker software.  Well, last night I cracked the code and successfully made a DMX to LOR cable that allows XLights to communicate with my LOR controllers.  This […]

$12 RGB flood light Modd!

$12 RGB full color digital flood light arrived today 🙂 woo hoo!  Made a simple modification to show how to do it.  Very easy addition to the brighter and colorful 2015 Leechburg Lights display!

Newbie RGB Mistake #142 Wiring Correctly

During the summer of 2013, I purchased eight 15watt RGB DMX flood lights for $30 each.  I spent a whole week building custom wooden housings to protect them from rain and snow.  When setup time came, I had trouble getting the floods to work at all.  I put the project on hold for 2014.  When […]

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