Leechburg Lights

EASY! Custom models in xLights 2018??? Again!!!???

Just how many videos on CUSTOM MODELS can you make Clyde? Well, over the past 4 years of using xLights I have made 4 videos on how to build Custom Models using xLights! Why so many?  Well, I guess just like fine wine, xLights just keeps getting better and better over time.  This latest video […]

Getting ready for 2016’s Leechburg Lights Christmas Display

Today marks the first step in the setup for the 2016 Leechburg Lights display.  During the spring we lost the mega tree base.  Due to the sewer line being replace, the old mega tree base was excavated; making way for an entirely new drainage system for my home.  I spent the afternoon digging out a new base […]

Build the DMX to LOR cross over cable!

One of the goals I had for 2015 was to get my LOR controllers to run in DMX mode.  This would be helpful when I’m sequencing and using XLights/Nutcracker software.  Well, last night I cracked the code and successfully made a DMX to LOR cable that allows XLights to communicate with my LOR controllers.  This […]

RGB Coro Star 2015

Just finished the Prototype coro star. I Plan on making 19 more for the 2015 display.  

Pixel Mini Tree

49 pixels total. 7 strings of 7 pixels Center poll: 3′ long piece of 2″x3″ Base: 18″x16″ Hardware needed ~30′ pallet strapping (I used 3/4″ wide stock) 2 @ 3″ drywall screws 14 @ cup hooks 14 @ zipties Optional hardware: 1 @ 2″ hinge 4 or 6 @ 1/8″ eyelets 4 or 6 @ […]

Par 38 Stellar Labs 555 11411 RGB Flood Light

I found this RGB flood light on MCM’s website. I receive their email specials and this items was listed for $30 with $5 shipping. I was able to get the flood light to be controlled by both X-Lights/Nutcracker, and Light o Rama S3 software. Pretty happy with the results. This is very bright and I […]

My Songs Know: Fall Out Boys Test

Quick test from my laptop on this little prop. 7 channels of LOR with 1,400 multi incandescent lights. Deciding whether I should make this fan/domino into a 6′ tall element. I like how it turned out.

Pixel Spinner/Star Test

***Update Spring 2015… These have been disassembled and rebuilt using RGB bullet pixel nodes. See new video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCrtGR… Using 1/2″ PVC cut to 22″ and connecting 2 “T” connectors together with a bolt, I made the spinner. Each leg on the spinner has 5 pixels (RGB Pixel strips), with a total of 40 pixels. […]

New Radio Sign RGB

Assembling of my new radio sign for the display. Thanks to David Sayers who inspired the design 🙂

Pixel Spiral Tree 2013

Very easy project completed today. Pixel spiral tree. I used 2 rolls of 5 meter 50 pixel WS2811 strips purchased from Ray Wu. Strips were $30 each, but I didn’t use every pixel, maybe 43-45. The star is made up of 5 bullet-node type pixels (WS3811s) that were hot-glued into the star. Used some GE […]

Pixel Starter Kit Burn In

Here is a video of the pixels from the starter kit order. They have been running for the past 12 hours in the light cave/shop. The purpose was to find any bad pixels and make sure the ones I send out are working fine.

Dumb RGB Controllers and Nodes easy connecting and testing

Connecting up a pigtail and dumb RGB nodes to an RGB controller and DC power supply. Using a converted computer power supply to burn-in test new nodes. Sorry, these are not for sale. This is meant to be an instructional video for a group that ordered together. Concepts are the same for most DMX controllers. […]

Pathway Spiral Pixel Tree

Found these spiral pathway trees at Home Depot after Christmas for $5 per box. I picked up 4 boxes, and wanted to convert them over to RGB pixels. Used a total of 27 ws2811 5v pixels for this test. Soldered a 3-core male and female pigtail connection on the string. I plan on injecting 5v […]

5v Pixel Test

Here is a set of 50 RGB pixels I ordered from a vendor in China (I’ll release the link at a later date). The test puts the set of pixels through a freeze/thaw cycle that is a bit more brutal then what pixels face in an average northern environment. So far the tests are proving […]

RGB Icicle lights Test

Custom built RGB icicle lights ordered from Ray Wu on Aliexpress.com. I created the design and Ray had them manufactured. I love the results! Wish I had added a 10 meter lead on to each set. The plan is to run 14-16 sets on the upper and lower roof. Each set will have it’s own […]

RGB Upgrade for Radio Station Sign

This video gives instructions on how to build an illuminated sign. This project began in 2010 with the initial build of the sign using pllexiglas and a 2×3 frame, along with some scrap plywood and 1×2’s. This video touches on the original build but shows how I converted the signs from 110v to 20 RGB […]

Twig Tree How-To Build 2013

In 2013 I added 7 twig trees to the Leechburg Lights display. The trees came from Home Depot and were around $15 each on clearance. I ordered dumb RGB nodes with white wire to install on the tree. I removed the factory LEDs and assembled a wire-harness for the new RGB’s. This was a very […]

Pixel Candy Canes 2015

Found these pathway candy canes at Big Lots after 2013. I had plans to use dumb RGB nodes in them, but realized it would take a lot more work and use up many more dumb channels than necessary. They were $2 or $3 per set of 6 on clearance and I plan on building around […]

Pixel Spinner with 96 Pixels

Rebuilding and replacing my original pixel strip spinners for 2015. These spinners will have 12 pixels per leg. The old spinners had 5 pixels on each leg. This should provide a much more dense look to the spinner while giving me more control over the element. Total assembly time was around 3 hours from start-to-finish, […]

GE Color Effects (GECE) Pixel Spinner How-To Build

Building a GE Color Effects Pixel spinner using PVC pipe. Total of 64 pixels make up this spinner. So far I’m pretty happy with the results. At the end of the video is a demo with music to show how it looks in action.

$16 Pixel Controller running test mode

Testing the DMX-SPI Decoder. If using pixels on an indoor tree, this controller could run up to 170 pixels with power injections. Simple push-button operation makes it easy to change the per-programmed mode Controller found at this sight. Took maybe 2 weeks to arrive. I emailed seller on shipping, it was lower then the online […]

GECE Pixel Window Frame Video

Lots of projects going on this week.  I have been building pixel extenders that will help run all the new GECE (GE Color Effects).  The extenders below can run up to 64 GECE pixels total.  These pixel extenders will run  the main windows on the house and the giant 52″ mega wreath.  Each one arrived […]

Pixel mega wreath video! Check it out!

Well, here is another project completed.  This has 63 pixels on the wreath and can do some really cool effects using the Nutcracker software.  Enjoy and share this video 🙂  

New Pixel Spinner Completed!

Here is another video on how to build a pixel spinner.  If you have visited the display you’ll know that the spinners have been used for many years in the Leechburg Lights display.  There are 96 individually addressable pixel “bulbs” on the spinner.  The previous model had only 40.  This latest upgrade and should prove […]

Surprise New Addition for 2015!

It is amazing what you’ll find on Craig’s List these days, especially when the ad title reads, “ Christmas Snowman “.  It’s even more amazing when the owner is GIVING it away.  I just got home from the 45 minute drive to go and pickup this little guy.  He is in unbelievably good condition. He […]

Window frame upgrade in-progress!

Completed the upstairs window frame conversion.  I have removed all the RGB lights from the frames.  They were held on by zipties for 2 years.  In that time the ties became britle thanks to the sun and cold temps.  Used a drill press (borrowed from my sister), a drill press vice, 1/2 inch countersink drill […]

13 Coro stars cut out!

Got home from work and cut out 13 RGB coro stars.  Used up 1 whole sheet of coro.  Also cut some strips to raise the sides up 1 1/2″. The project is coming together slowly.  Still need 27 more stars cut out.  I’m also waiting on 30 sets of 3-core black waterproof connectors to install […]