Leechburg Lights

E1.31 DIY LED Express Bridge and Pixel Extenders

This video walks through the use of the DIY LED Express 6 universe bridge. I put this together some time ago and wanted to share the build and hopefully give a bit of education on it. The DIY Bridge connects to your computer via e1.31 and can output pixel data to 6 pixel extenders. It […]

New Build Video for January

Putting together some new content for the Pro website.  Have a look at our demo video.  We’ve added a brand new intro for the Leechburg Lights videos too!  

The Technical Side: Reviving Old Tech for Display Testing

While the summer rolls on, and the feeling of winter is just so far away, the display is always on my mind.   This week I’ve been reading about some of the other folks in the lighting hobby, and their plans to improve their setup for the 2017 year.  One of the subjects brought up was […]

New Power Injection Distro Board

What is power injection?  Power injection is a process of which we add power to a string of pixels which does not have enough power to fully light the RGB nodes.  RGB lights use either 5v or 12v power to run them. When there is not enough power, either because of distance or consumption, we […]

Testing… and more TESTING: New DMX adapter

I’m learning more about how to run DMX data from the computer out to the light controllers (dumb RGB).  I have found a promising USB adapter which can communicate with Xlights 4 software.  What is awesome about this adapter is the price.  As pictured it can run for around $25 with shipping.  However, it requires […]

Convert a Light O Rama Sequence into XLights Step-by-Step

For 2015 I decided to switch to the newest and most powerful RGB pixel sequencer to date, Xlights V4.  For the past 2 years I’ve struggled to sequence my lights and music using the Light O Rama S3 software.  This spring, LOR upgraded it’s sequencer to S4 and included the new Pixel Editor.  I paid […]

First New Sequence of the Season Carol of the Bells by David Foster

A number of people have asked me to create custom sequences for their holiday light shows.  Today I have completed the first of hopefully many more to come.  This sequence has around 20 hours of time invested into it.  I could always spend more time to make it even better, but that is the perfectionist […]

36 Channel RGB DMX Controller for under $56

New 36 channel RGB DMX controller just arrived.  Here is the unboxing!  Truth is I only paid $50.  But, the company I ordered from discontinued the price and created a new page and raised the price to $65. This controller runs nice and has an awesome digital readout for the DMX channel.  No Dip Switching!!!!! […]

New Falcon F16v2 Pixel controller works GREAT!

I have finished building and installing the new 64 universe Falcon F16v2 from Falcon Christmas.  This board is amazing, it can run over 10,000 pixels!    A special thank you to David Pitts for adding the protocol that runs my GECE pixels.  Very excited to use this for the 2015 display.  I’ll be putting it […]

5v Pixel Test

Here is a set of 50 RGB pixels I ordered from a vendor in China (I’ll release the link at a later date). The test puts the set of pixels through a freeze/thaw cycle that is a bit more brutal then what pixels face in an average northern environment. So far the tests are proving […]

Connecting RJ45 network cable to 27 channel DMX controller

I have updated this video with a step-by-step version as I made one for 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtsbz… This is how I connected my 2 female jacks to the 27 channel DMX RGB controller board. I like the idea of an input output or a Y-splitter. This is how I did it so the controller receives commands […]

Small DMX RGB Pixel controller found on eBay for under $20

Here is a walk-thru and demo of the tiny pixel controller. This video will demonstrate how the controller to the DIYLED express.com e1.31 bridge, connecting WS 2811 Pixabulbs to the controllers output, an the power connection from the power supply. The Light O Rama Showtime S3 program and the e1.31 bridge were setup prior to […]

Dumb RGB Controllers and Nodes easy connecting and testing

Connecting up a pigtail and dumb RGB nodes to an RGB controller and DC power supply. Using a converted computer power supply to burn-in test new nodes. Sorry, these are not for sale. This is meant to be an instructional video for a group that ordered together. Concepts are the same for most DMX controllers. […]

$16 Pixel Controller running test mode

Testing the DMX-SPI Decoder. If using pixels on an indoor tree, this controller could run up to 170 pixels with power injections. Simple push-button operation makes it easy to change the per-programmed mode Controller found at this sight. Took maybe 2 weeks to arrive. I emailed seller on shipping, it was lower then the online […]

RGB Icicle Lights Test

Custom built RGB icicle lights ordered from Ray Wu on Aliexpress.com. I created the design and Ray had them manufactured. I love the results! Wish I had added a 10 meter lead on to each set. The plan is to run 14-16 sets on the upper and lower roof. Each set will have it’s own […]

Converting GECE Power Supply

Building a small controller to run some arches and firesticks on the house this year. Here is how I assembeled the controller with an extra GECE power supply.

Christmas Train Salvaged and upgraded to RGB

My sister found this train sitting on the side of the road out for trash. She grabbed it and brought it over thinking I could add it to the display. That was 4 years ago. I finally took the time last year to convert it over to LED and used it for 2013. This year […]

30 Channel DMX Controller under $40

Link to the product is here for the 30 Channel DMX Controller under $40 Here is a 10 output RGB DMX controller found on the Aliexpress website page for $39.90 with free shipping. This is the un-boxing and setup showing the test with the controller running. Maximum of 360w @12v is all you are able to run […]

$95-$97 DMX 4-Universe E1.31 Bridge

UPDATE: 5/1/2015 I went to look at the item on line and saw that this company raised this price to $97. Still a good deal but there are other vendors that were at the $95 price range. New E1.31 DMX 4 universe bridge. This connects to you ethernet port on your computer and communicates with […]