Leechburg Lights

For 2015 I decided to switch to the newest and most powerful RGB pixel sequencer to date, Xlights V4.  For the past 2 years I’ve struggled to sequence my lights and music using the Light O Rama S3 software.  This spring, LOR upgraded it’s sequencer to S4 and included the new Pixel Editor.  I paid $50 for the new upgrade and was not impressed by the advancements that have been made.  Sadly the performance was not enhanced as I had expected.  I decided I had to switch from S4 and use XLights V4, a FREE sequencing software.

These 2 videos are the last how-to video of the season.  This video series will take you step-by-step through the entire process of converting a Light O Rama .lms sequence into a XLights / Nutcracker V4 sequence.  There is over 40 minutes of video footage as well as an additional 30-50 included as links to other videos.  You will be able to run your LOR AC controller show through XLights for 2015. This is the most comprehensive amount of video data on the subject to date.  I WISH someone had put this together for me! I only hope there is value in this for others here who are stuck or need help

Note: I do not use the Data Layer method of import, only the Channel Mapping. It is my opinion that LOR users want to manipulate their imported sequence.



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