Leechburg Lights

This video walks through the use of the DIY LED Express 6 universe bridge. I put this together some time ago and wanted to share the build and hopefully give a bit of education on it. The DIY Bridge connects to your computer via e1.31 and can output pixel data to 6 pixel extenders. It uses either the GECE or ws2811 pixel protocols. The bridge works perfectly for remote props since data is sent via RS485 to the extender. I use a network wire to run the data from the bridge out to the extender.  Prior to the addition of the Pixel Extenders, I used this bridge to run my dumb RGB controllers via DMX output.  This bridge has served me very well for over 5 years.    I’ve also included the firmware upgrade video as well as the previous build of the bridge in an old plastic storage container.

Here is the firmware upgrade for the original DIY Bridge

This is how the bridge was setup in the display in 2015


This can be purchased as a solder kit you can assemble:

The Pixel extenders are located here:

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