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Welcome to the FREE Light-O-Rama Sequence page!

These sequences are true originals I made when I first got into running an LOR show 7 years ago. It is a great way to learn a little more about the LOR software and see how to program your own.

All of these sequences are based on 4 LOR controllers, 64 channels total.   You are welcome to download and use in your display however you would like. I’ve included many of the links to the original music files from Amazon’s website so you can purchase them.  In the event a song has been edited, I can provide the mp3 after you’ve made the purchase for the original song from the artist.

There is no support provided for free sequences.

Sequence INFO:

2008 sequences have the following elements:

  • 5 upper windows (clear and multi color)
  • 7 lower windows (clear and multi color)
  • 6 min trees (All with multi, 3 red and 3 green)
  • 8 reindeer
  • 2 upper icicles (clear and multi)
  • 2 lower icicles (clear and blue)
  • 2 twig trees on each side of the display daisy chained together

2009 Sequences:
These sequences do not have channel labels so you will have to do some review of the sequence.  On December 17, 2009, I returned home from nearly 6 months active military duty. I created this light show after working 4 ten-hour-days on the display.  I had the show running by December 21. This was my second year using LOR and it turned out good!

Elements include:

  • 9 tree line  (2 channels with White and Multi)
  • 8 tree line ( 3 channels red, green, clear)
  • 1 wreath (4 channels red, green, clear, multi)
  • 1 upper Icicles
  • 1 upstairs window
  • 1 lower icicles
  • 1 downstairs window
  • 1 ground  outline
  • 9 reindeer

2008 Last Christmas (2368 downloads)
Ashley Tisdale
<a href=”http://” target=”_bank”> Last Christmas </a>

2008 Little St Nick (899 downloads)
Little St. Nick

2008 O Holy Night Martina McBride (964 downloads)
Oh Holy Night

2009 Boughs of Holly (653 downloads)
2009 Boughs of Holly

2009 Carol of the Bells (1426 downloads)
Carols of the Bells

2009 Celebration (695 downloads)

2009 Christmas Fanfair (611 downloads)
Christmas Fanfair

2009 Deck the Halls Mannheim (1201 downloads)
Deck the Halls

2009 Last Christmas (783 downloads)
Last Christmas

2009 Linus & Lucy (855 downloads)
Linus & Lucy

2009 Little St. Nick (546 downloads)
Little St. Nick

2009 One Silent Night (785 downloads)
One Silent Night

2009 Pirates of the Carribean (1090 downloads)

2009 Universal Opening (1228 downloads)
Universal Opening

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