Leechburg Lights

Adding NEW pixels to the upgraded window frames this year has required me to update the firmware on some of the lighting hardware.  In order to “add” some cool new effects to the mega wreath and window frames, I had to change the hard-code programming with a new firmware version to allow for an expanded usage.   Usually my videos show some cool project or new “prop” I’ll be using for the coming season.  This video is not an example.  I have begun to build a library filled with the geeky and complex side of the lighting hobby.

One of my passions is to share my knowledge and experiences with those who are beginning to learn how to use DMX and RGB based lighting. People learn things in many ways.  I’m sure we can all agree with that.  One of the ways I learn best is to watch videos.   To date, I have not found a video that takes you through this process.  I truly enjoy recording and sharing  my experiences because there are so few videos on how to use the DIY E1.31 Bridge.  This specific video took 2 days of recording and rendering to become a helpful and complete guide.  This video may not be much “fun” to watch, but has earned a space in my growing “how-to” library.  Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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