Leechburg Lights

There is an all-new pixel controller that has taken the lighting hobby by storm this season, the new Falcon Christmas F16v2.  I have used 2 of these controllers in the 2015 display.  I’m so very impressed with all the innovation that has been built into this controller by Mr. David Pitts from FalconChristmas.com

Currently there is a pre-order going on at the Falcon Christmas website  (see here for more details on this amazing controller:  http://falconchristmas.com/shop/ ) for this controller.  There is no limited quantity; however, you can only purchase these boards till the end of January, 2016.  Then, the order will be sent in for building.  It will take some time for the boards to be produced then loaded with the new firmware before the user will receive it.  Once testing is complete, shipping will commence.  So in preparation for the folks who are about to get their board, I have begun filming some new videos.
This video shows the very first step of connecting a brand new F16v2 pixel controller via E1.31 (fancy way to say “network connecting”) to your computer.  If you do not know anything about how to network a computer, don’t worry!  I had to learn it all myself, and it is EASY! 🙂  Just follow along in your computer as we take you step-by-step.


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