Leechburg Lights

I have finished building and installing the new 64 universe Falcon F16v2 from Falcon Christmas.  This board is amazing, it can run over 10,000 pixels!    A special thank you to David Pitts for adding the protocol that runs my GECE pixels.  Very excited to use this for the 2015 display.  I’ll be putting it to the test very soon!

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    1. Gene, there is more info on the Falcon Christmas forums as to when you can purchase them. These boards are awesome. But, to get the very best price, Dave usually runs a group buy on them. They come per-assembeled and tested. There is currently an interest thread on a third group buy. Sign up for the forums and follow the thread. I’m sure we’ll see another one, possibly this year. If not, there is always the E682 by Sandevices, a solid pixel controller. I have 4 of those as well.



  1. I,m running AOL 1.31 controllers now.
    AOL Pro software
    I want to run video on display
    Can your system run Video like madrix pro?(Cost to Much)
    Thank you Wade

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