Leechburg Lights

49 pixels total.
7 strings of 7 pixels
Center poll: 3′ long piece of 2″x3″
Base: 18″x16″

Hardware needed
~30′ pallet strapping (I used 3/4″ wide stock)
2 @ 3″ drywall screws
14 @ cup hooks
14 @ zipties

Optional hardware:
1 @ 2″ hinge
4 or 6 @ 1/8″ eyelets
4 or 6 @ additional zipties

Assembly of pixels to pallet strapping:
1. Measured height of string of pixels. Cut pallet strapping to length and added 12″ extra
2. Folded each end of the pallet strapping 3″ over itself and taped edges together, leaving room for a loop at the end.
3. Created a template strip by taping down the second node on the first pallet strap, leaving the first node free for soldering. Continued taping only on side of each node so that adjustments could be made if necessary.
4. Use first strip as template and create the rest of your pallet straps, affixing the pixels to the strap.

Building the stand:
1. Cut your tree base (plywood) at 18″x18″ for a 36″ center post. (you base width should be roughly 1/2 your total height.
2. Find the center of the board by draw straight lines connecting the corners of the board to make and “X”
3. Stand a piece of 2″x3″ over the center of the X and outline with a pencil. The X should be dead center. (I eye-balled this, it was not exact)
4. Pre-drill 2 holes that will hold the center poll in place
5. Use 2 3″ drywall screws insert through bottom of plywood and attach center poll (may need help for this step)
for a collapsing center poll you can purchase a 2″ hinge and attach it to the base board and the 2×3. Adding some eyelets on the opposite side of the 2×3 and to the base board you can ziptie the center poll so it stands straight up… then cut the zipties and collapse it for storage.

Attaching Pixels to Center Poll
1. Align the pixels on floor or work surface in order of installation
2. insert zipties into top and bottom loops of pallet strapping and Zip one or 2 clicks(enough to close the loop… DO NOT TIGHTEN)
3. On the top of the center poll, insert your 7 cup hooks evenly spaced into the top with the hook facing the center of the poll
4. On the base board, find the center of the outside of each length then insert a cup hook.
5. Repeat for the front and right side of the board, finding the center.
6. Find the distance between the centers of the cup hooks and divide by 2. Space them accordingly from the center poll and insert 2 more cup hooks.
7. Repeat for the other side to completing installation of the last 2 cup hooks.

8. Beginning at the top, start with your first pixel strand and insert the looped ziptie to the to of the board. Stretch the pallet strapping to the base board and hook the looped ziptie into the corresponding base cup hook.
9. Repeat steps for the other 6 strips of pixels
10 Tighten the top zipties and insure the top row of pixels are aligned
11. Tighten bottom pixels only enough to put tension onto the pallet strapping.
note… if just enough pressure is used, the pixel straps can be un-hooked and stored during the off season. Or, you can cut the zipties and readjust for the next season.
12. Align the pixels to taste
13. Solder on pixel board pigtail connector and program.

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