Leechburg Lights

Carol of the Bells Video of the display

This is an all-new Leechburg Lights original.  I have completely created this sequence from the ground-up for the new 2015 display!  This sequence will be available for download in the Leechburg Lights Sequence Store. I have also officially added 16 songs to this year’s play list.  We are running the show every night from 5:30pm […]

First New Sequence of the Season Carol of the Bells by David Foster

A number of people have asked me to create custom sequences for their holiday light shows.  Today I have completed the first of hopefully many more to come.  This sequence has around 20 hours of time invested into it.  I could always spend more time to make it even better, but that is the perfectionist […]

2013 Carol of the Bells

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2011 Carol of the Bells

New for 2011, this song is by Danielle Monique. The original sequence was written and shared by Richard Holdman. Thank you Richard for your generosity.

2010 Music Box Dancer & Jingle Bells Techno

Music Box Dancer was synchronized by Richard Holdman and was one of the songs that really inspired me to create my own musical light show. Thanks to Richard, I’ve moved on and created my own arrangements.