Leechburg Lights

Building Custom Models in Nutcracker Using FREE Spread Sheets OR Excel

Here is a tutorial on how to create models in XLights Nutcracker.  I’m setting up my GECE RGB Pixel wreath using 63 pixels.  I also show how to use the spread sheet to copy and past pixel data into Nutcracker.  I show how I’ve built my custom model in Nutcracker and have a way to […]

Building a 27 channel RGB Controller

I have assembeled 7 of these controllers already. This controller is different due to the use of a converted computer power supply. The form factor is much larger than a commercially specific power supply that sits much more flat. In order to utilize the free PC power supplies, I needed to be creative.

Building the new AlphaPix4 Controller

As August draws near, I have to change the focus from building new display elements to building and assembling the new controllers that will run the new items.  I have 3 pixel controllers to build and install. Today I finished the AlphaPix4.  This pixel controller costs around $90 and can control a bunch of pixels.  […]