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36 Channel RGB DMX Controller for under $56

New 36 channel RGB DMX controller just arrived.  Here is the unboxing!  Truth is I only paid $50.  But, the company I ordered from discontinued the price and created a new page and raised the price to $65. This controller runs nice and has an awesome digital readout for the DMX channel.  No Dip Switching!!!!! […]

Building a 27 channel RGB Controller

I have assembeled 7 of these controllers already. This controller is different due to the use of a converted computer power supply. The form factor is much larger than a commercially specific power supply that sits much more flat. In order to utilize the free PC power supplies, I needed to be creative.

Connecting RJ45 network cable to 27 channel DMX controller

I have updated this video with a step-by-step version as I made one for 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtsbz… This is how I connected my 2 female jacks to the 27 channel DMX RGB controller board. I like the idea of an input output or a Y-splitter. This is how I did it so the controller receives commands […]

30 Channel DMX Controller under $40

Link to the product is here for the 30 Channel DMX Controller under $40 Here is a 10 output RGB DMX controller found on the Aliexpress website page for $39.90 with free shipping. This is the un-boxing and setup showing the test with the controller running. Maximum of 360w @12v is all you are able to run […]