Leechburg Lights

Come see the lights for the 4th of July! Check out the video!

I have setup a small light show for the 4th of July.  It features 3 of the major props that I built this past spring, the GECE pixel mega wreath, GECE pixel window frames, and the pixel spinner.  Along with last years GECE pixel spinner, I’ve been able to successfully program and run one sequence.  […]

Pixel mega wreath video! Check it out!

Well, here is another project completed.  This has 63 pixels on the wreath and can do some really cool effects using the Nutcracker software.  Enjoy and share this video 🙂  

Check out our NEW Web Page leechburglights.com

New for 2015, the leechburglights.com web page.  We have a few things in store for the sight.  First I wanted to have a place where I could organize all the videos from all the years the show has ran.  I also wanted to create a place where other people could see how display was made.  […]