Getting ready for 2016’s Leechburg Lights Christmas Display

Today marks the first step in the setup for the 2016 Leechburg Lights display.  During the spring we lost the mega tree base.  Due to the sewer line being replace, the old mega tree base was excavated; making way for an entirely new drainage system for my home.  I spent the afternoon digging out a new base and setting it in concrete.  […]

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Join us for the Leechburg Light-Up Night

I have completed enough of the setup decided to do something special this season.  This year we will have our first ever LIGHT UP NIGHT!  On Saturday, November 28, 2015; Leechburg will hold it’s annual light up night.  I’ll be joining in the festivities and will turn the lights on at 6PM!  Hope you come on down to visit us […]

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2014 Amazing Grace

Upgraded this wonderful version of Amazing Grace to RGB color for 2014. It turned out very well. I have never used strobe lights in the display. But, thanks to the developers at Xlights/Nutcracker software, there is now a “strobe” effect that can be run over the RGB lights. This was definitely one of my favorite songs for the season. It […]

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