Leechburg Lights

So This Happened at the Display Tonight!

We had a special request from a long-time employee and friend, Heather Zack.  Her brother and sister-in-law are expecting, and they wanted to celebrate the occasion.  Well, they found out the baby’s gender 3 days ago, and last night we surprised Mike and Stacy Zack along with their friends and family, with the news of […]

The Technical Side: Reviving Old Tech for Display Testing

While the summer rolls on, and the feeling of winter is just so far away, the display is always on my mind.   This week I’ve been reading about some of the other folks in the lighting hobby, and their plans to improve their setup for the 2017 year.  One of the subjects brought up was […]

Calculating LED Power Needs for Your RGB Display

Working on a video series to get new people started on their own display.  This video shows how to calculate total watts and amps of electric so you will know the needs of your display.  After you have made some calculations, you can begin planning your display.  The idea is that you never run more […]

Carol of the Bells Video of the display

This is an all-new Leechburg Lights original.  I have completely created this sequence from the ground-up for the new 2015 display!  This sequence will be available for download in the Leechburg Lights Sequence Store. I have also officially added 16 songs to this year’s play list.  We are running the show every night from 5:30pm […]

2015 Halloween Display is UP AND Running!

  The 2015 Leechburg Lights Halloween Display will run form October 23 through November 1 Hours: Friday and Saturday – 6:30pm  till 10:30pm Sunday through Thursday – 6:30pm till 9:30pm          

Nutcracker V4 Setup and Add Effects to Dumb and Smart RGB Display Elements

This video shows how to setup an new nutcracker sequence from the beginning.  This was an email question I received from Philip.  He was having trouble rendering effects on his RGB modules.  This video goes through basic model (dumb and pixel) building in Nutcracker. You will learn how to set timing marks.  Also, you will […]

2013 Teaser Digital Display

This is a sneak peak at the 2013 Leechburg Lights Display. Stop by this December and view the area’s only RGB Light Show. Begins daily at 5:30 PM till 10pm weekdays 11 pm weekends. Listen to the lights on 100.3fm Leechburg Lights Radio