Leechburg Lights

Nutcracker V4 Setup and Add Effects to Dumb and Smart RGB Display Elements

This video shows how to setup an new nutcracker sequence from the beginning.  This was an email question I received from Philip.  He was having trouble rendering effects on his RGB modules.  This video goes through basic model (dumb and pixel) building in Nutcracker. You will learn how to set timing marks.  Also, you will […]

GE Color Effects (GECE) Pixel Spinner How-To Build

Building a GE Color Effects Pixel spinner using PVC pipe. Total of 64 pixels make up this spinner. So far I’m pretty happy with the results. At the end of the video is a demo with music to show how it looks in action.

Sequencing Software used to make awesome effects!

I receive a number of emails each month and decided to create a video showing the answer to a question I received. Here is a video that some of you may find interesting when it comes to how we synchronize the lights to music. It is not very hard, but it is very time consuming.