Leechburg Lights

Join us for the Leechburg Light-Up Night

I have completed enough of the setup decided to do something special this season.  This year we will have our first ever LIGHT UP NIGHT!  On Saturday, November 28, 2015; Leechburg will hold it’s annual light up night.  I’ll be joining in the festivities and will turn the lights on at 6PM!  Hope you come […]

2013 0′ Holy Night

Point of Grace’s version of O Holy Night. Digital Product Terms of Use Proper Use. Thank you for being a customer of LeechburgLights.com. We maintain the highest quality standards, and we hope that the product(s) you have purchased brings you satisfaction. All sequence content is the property of Leechburg Lights and the respective brand, and it is […]

2010 One Silent Night & Amazing Grace Techno

Featuring a song sung by Jackie Vasquez, this is one of my favorite songs in the entire line-up of sequences. Following the edited song is Richard Holdman’s sequence of Amazing Grace which he shared with members of the Planet Christmas community. Continuation of the 2010 Light Display. Around 31,100 lights in the display.