Leechburg Lights

New Power Injection Distro Board

What is power injection?  Power injection is a process of which we add power to a string of pixels which does not have enough power to fully light the RGB nodes.  RGB lights use either 5v or 12v power to run them. When there is not enough power, either because of distance or consumption, we […]

Calculating LED Power Needs for Your RGB Display

Working on a video series to get new people started on their own display.  This video shows how to calculate total watts and amps of electric so you will know the needs of your display.  After you have made some calculations, you can begin planning your display.  The idea is that you never run more […]

Converting a computer power supply for RGB and low voltage lighting use

This video shows how I converted some free computer power supplies that were salvaged from St Sebastian Catholic School in Belle Vernon, PA In 2013, I converted my light display over to RGB low voltage LED lighting. There is a lot more do-it-yourself work involved but I’ve been able to keep the costs lower and […]

Converting GECE Power Supply

Building a small controller to run some arches and firesticks on the house this year. Here is how I assembeled the controller with an extra GECE power supply.