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36 Channel RGB DMX Controller for under $56

New 36 channel RGB DMX controller just arrived.  Here is the unboxing!  Truth is I only paid $50.  But, the company I ordered from discontinued the price and created a new page and raised the price to $65. This controller runs nice and has an awesome digital readout for the DMX channel.  No Dip Switching!!!!! […]

Small DMX RGB Pixel controller found on eBay for under $20

Here is a walk-thru and demo of the tiny pixel controller. This video will demonstrate how the controller to the DIYLED express.com e1.31 bridge, connecting WS 2811 Pixabulbs to the controllers output, an the power connection from the power supply. The Light O Rama Showtime S3 program and the e1.31 bridge were setup prior to […]

30 Channel DMX Controller under $40

Link to the product is here for the 30 Channel DMX Controller under $40 Here is a 10 output RGB DMX controller found on the Aliexpress website page for $39.90 with free shipping. This is the un-boxing and setup showing the test with the controller running. Maximum of 360w @12v is all you are able to run […]