Leechburg Lights

RGB Upgrade for Radio Station Sign

This video gives instructions on how to build an illuminated sign. This project began in 2010 with the initial build of the sign using pllexiglas and a 2×3 frame, along with some scrap plywood and 1×2’s. This video touches on the original build but shows how I converted the signs from 110v to 20 RGB […]

Hardware upgrade in progress.

Adding NEW pixels to the upgraded window frames this year has required me to update the firmware on some of the lighting hardware.  In order to “add” some cool new effects to the mega wreath and window frames, I had to change the hard-code programming with a new firmware version to allow for an expanded […]

Window frame upgrade in-progress!

Completed the upstairs window frame conversion.  I have removed all the RGB lights from the frames.  They were held on by zipties for 2 years.  In that time the ties became britle thanks to the sun and cold temps.  Used a drill press (borrowed from my sister), a drill press vice, 1/2 inch countersink drill […]