Leechburg Lights

Insert Photos for Model Templates in Nutcracker using Excel 2007

Found some great items at the 2015 Christmas Expo.  This video shows how to add a candy cane into the Nutcracker models.  It can also be used for creating models in the Light O Rama pixel editor.  For more information from James see the link below: http://boscoyostudio.com/products/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2

Building Custom Models in Nutcracker Using FREE Spread Sheets OR Excel

Here is a tutorial on how to create models in XLights Nutcracker.  I’m setting up my GECE RGB Pixel wreath using 63 pixels.  I also show how to use the spread sheet to copy and past pixel data into Nutcracker.  I show how I’ve built my custom model in Nutcracker and have a way to […]

Testing RGB Connector using Multimeter

Building a few new dumb RGB controllers in the shop this week and though I’d show how to test for continuity between 2 different connectors. Wire colors have changed since last year, and I wanted to verify that I was going to have a good connection to the controller.