Leechburg Lights

New Build Video for January

Putting together some new content for the Pro website.  Have a look at our demo video.  We’ve added a brand new intro for the Leechburg Lights videos too!  

Little Saint Nick Video!

Been working night shifts all week.  Came home around 11pm last night and I turned on the display to catch this video.  This is one of the new songs added for 2015.  I absolutely love it!  This sequence will be available for purchase and use in your own display. If you’re interested in having your […]

Carol of the Bells Video of the display

This is an all-new Leechburg Lights original.  I have completely created this sequence from the ground-up for the new 2015 display!  This sequence will be available for download in the Leechburg Lights Sequence Store. I have also officially added 16 songs to this year’s play list.  We are running the show every night from 5:30pm […]

New 250 pixel STAR VIDEO!

Here is the latest project out of the Leechburg Lights workshop.  250 pixels (750 led lights) are aligned with the angles of the star and can create an endless possibly for musical sequencing.  Have a look at the video for a demo and stay tuned for the how-to build after the demo.

Happy Independence Day! New Song and Video released tonight!

I have added Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA to the show.  It turned out nice.  It took around 3 hours to make the simple sequence, but I could have spent another 10 hours making really cool.  All the best to you family on our nation’s birthday 🙂  The Show will run from 9pm till […]

Come see the lights for the 4th of July! Check out the video!

I have setup a small light show for the 4th of July.  It features 3 of the major props that I built this past spring, the GECE pixel mega wreath, GECE pixel window frames, and the pixel spinner.  Along with last years GECE pixel spinner, I’ve been able to successfully program and run one sequence.  […]

GECE Pixel Window Frame Video

Lots of projects going on this week.  I have been building pixel extenders that will help run all the new GECE (GE Color Effects).  The extenders below can run up to 64 GECE pixels total.  These pixel extenders will run  the main windows on the house and the giant 52″ mega wreath.  Each one arrived […]

Pixel mega wreath video! Check it out!

Well, here is another project completed.  This has 63 pixels on the wreath and can do some really cool effects using the Nutcracker software.  Enjoy and share this video 🙂  

Wizards in Winter Video

The final song in the show this year, Wizards in Winter.  I have used this song every season since 2008.  It will return with a few new upgrades for 2015.  I will warn you now, it will be better than ever next year.

New Video Upload! Miracle on 34th St.

Working on the 2014 videos.  This is a song I’ve used since 2010 from the movie Miracle on 34th St.  Love the updated style and balance of color and orchestration.  Currently uploading one more video and will post it tomorrow.  Remember to subscribe to the Leechburg Lights YouTube channel.  Lots more coming your way!